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Trade, Investment and Matchmaker Services

The British Chamber of Commerce in Kenya offers various support services to UK businesses looking to invest in Kenya. Kenya has deep-rooted links with the United Kingdom. This comes from a shared long history and friendship and particular interests in the economy, trade and culture. Many reasons make Kenya a lucrative market for UK businesses:

Regional Hub

A regional hub for trade and finance in Eastern Africa and the natural entry point to the region

Market-based economy

Market-based economy with a liberalized foreign trade policy

Bilateral trade

Over 300 UK companies operating in Kenya, with bilateral trade between Kenya and UK exceeding £1 billion (KES.139 billion).

Our services are designed to help you get a better understanding of the Kenyan market, as well as specific sectors such as Renewable Energy, Infrastructure, ICT, Telecommunication and Mobile Money, Finance, Real Estate and Education among many others. 
We provide tailored information, high-level business insights, and business-to-business networking opportunities. These are chargeable services that give you direct access to some of our Chamber members in Kenya. 
We aim to ensure that British businesses realise export wins by utilizing our local language skills, market knowledge and extensive political and commercial contacts. This service can take the form of:

  • Market visit programmes with introduction to relevant contacts
  • Organising trade missions 
  • Product launch events
  • Support to help you develop a regional market presence, through access to regional Chambers and UK business associations contacts and access to business support in the wider East Africa markets. 
BCCK Team also offers assistance on the below customized services for UK companies, all designed to meet their needs and aspirations in the local market

The Trade services include the following:

Welcome to the British Chamber of Commerce Kenya (BCCK) introductions service. Through the Chamber member network, we are building new partnerships and trade links between the United Kingdom and Kenya. We offer warm introductions to organisations looking to these countries for skills, technology, new markets, investment and more.

Who should apply?
  • Proven products and services that can scale internationally.
  • Companies looking for partners in Kenya or the UK.
  • Investors seeking opportunities in Kenya or the UK.
High priority trade and investment opportunities
We want to hear from any companies seeking trade and investment opportunities. For 2020 we have identified specific opportunities in:
  • COVID-19 response and universal healthcare
  • Local manufacturing
  • Agriculture - production, technology and value-addition
  • Fintech and payments
  • Energy and renewables
The BCCK  - is one of the leading international business chambers in Africa, with over 300 active member organisations and a track record in delivering trade wins for UK and Kenyan companies. We have partnerships with the leading private sector associations and Chambers of Commerce. Through our membership network, we have connections with hundreds more businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors.

How it works:
  1. Onboarding - You apply online for matchmaker. We review your application and check that BCCK has matches for you in your network.
  2. Discovery - We assign you an advisor to develop and agree at least five new introductions. We give you high-level feedback on your targets and pitch approach. (Fees: £1,000 with members or £2,000 to £3,000 to include non-members)
  3. Matching - We make warm introductions requesting meetings. You conduct the meetings and keep us updated on any wins. (Fees: £1,000 with members or £2,000 to £3,000 to include non-members)
  4. Ongoing - You develop and contract your new partnerships. We provide you with ongoing information, advocacy and networking through BCCK. (Fees: Ksh 50,000 annually)
Why a warm introduction?
Our matchmaking is undertaken by a panel of advisors who are business leaders operating in Kenya and the United Kingdom. A warm introduction via one of them saves you time and helps you get constructive meetings with fellow decision makers

How to contact us:
To fill in an application for Matchmaker click on this link.
Call BCCK on +254 718 847 756
We offer support in export market awareness and exposure to export opportunities overseas through the Export is Great platform, as well as UK-based events, webinars, in-market briefings and seminars.
We help you maintain and grow your market share by offering support in market penetration by introducing you to relevant business contacts, building business partnership, offering advice on starting and setting up a company in Kenya and advice on sector analysis, taxation, tariffs and customs search.
BCCK can help you develop a regional market presence, through access to regional contacts and access to business support in the wider East Africa markets. The BCCK team also offers assistance in the following areas:
  • Information on the Kenyan business environment
  • Market overview - quick facts about Kenya and the Kenyan economy
  • Market visit logistics support
  • Government relations
  • Partner search
  • B2B meeting arrangement
  • Brief financial reporting
  • Business centre services