What is the difference between the British Business Association of Kenya and the British Chambers of Commerce Kenya?
In 2014 the Department International Trade (DIT) launched an initiative to double UK exports by 2020. As part of this, they undertook to build on existing British business networks, providing them with financial support to offer more services and be part of a global brand. In Kenya, the British Business Association of Kenya (BBAK) had been in existence for many years and agreed to support this initiative – membership is therefore formally in the BBAK for legal and fiscal reasons.


What happens if I join half way through the year, do I have to pay subs for a full year?
Subscriptions run from 1 Oct to 30 Sep, there is no pro rata difference, though this may be considered by the Committee if you join after 1st April and have not received any benefits earlier in the year.

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What other British Chambers and DIT officers are there in the region, is the BCCK connected to them?

Ethiopia - has an informal group organised via DIT officers in the Embassy

Rwanda – the High Commission have an officer responsible for promoting UK-Rwanda

Somalia – nothing yet

South Sudan – nothing yet

Tanzania – already has a thriving British Business Group in Tanzania, with chapters in Dar es Salaam and Arusha.  DIT officers in the High Commission

Uganda – the High Commissioner holds informal breakfasts for British business. DIT officers in the High Commission

We have informal links to all of these and can provide introductions and contact details, as well as to the DIT offices.

What is your relationship to DIT officers in the British High Commission, Nairobi?
We have a very close working relationship with the DIT officers in the British High Commission, Nairobi, co-ordinating our support to events, contacts etc; and the CEO works out of the High Commission for part of the week. In addition, the BCCK receives funding from DIT in London as part of the Overseas Business network Initiative.

Why should I join the British Chamber when I can get services from DIT in the British High Commission for free?
Our services are complimentary but different. The BCCK focuses on delivering networking, information, advocacy and marketing to members – many of whom may not qualify for DIT support.  DIT predominantly support UK companies coming to Kenya and will increasingly use BCCK for contact management and to organise events. Many of DIT’s services are chargeable.

What is your relationship to the British Chambers of Commerce and DIT in UK?
We are financed as part of the UK Government’s Overseas Business Network Initiative, which has established strong links with the British Chambers of Commerce and regional chambers. This also connects us to the network of International Trade Advisors.

We are in the process of gaining formal accreditation to the British Chambers of Commerce.

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