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BRIEF HISTORY \n\nA.B Patel & Patel's wealth of experience and tradition of excellence dates back to 15th May 1952 when the late Mr. Ambalal Patel, a Barrister from India came to and settled in Mombasa and was enrolled to the Kenyan Bar. Later that same year, his son, the late Mr. Chimanlal A. Patel, was also enrolled to the Bar and joined his father to form the partnership of A. B. Patel & Patel Advocates. The late Ambalal Patel was subsequently appointed to the legislature in Kenya, being the first non-white appointment in the Colonial Government of Kenya. \n\n\nFIRM PROFILE \n\nHaving been established in 1952, A.B. Patel & Patel is one of the oldest continuing law firms in Kenya. The firm is a highly regarded corporate and commercial law firm based in Mombasa with a broad based country wide and cross border practice. The firm has over the last 94 years established itself amongst the leading law firms in Kenya with a reputation for innovative solutions in assisting clients achieve their goals through a responsive, efficient and highly skilled team. \n\nThe Late C.K. Kanji, a leading commercial lawyer in Kenya and an active partner in the firm for over 55 years, was instrumental in ensuring the firm's consistent growth over the years with a firm foundation premised on efficiency, ethical discipline, accuracy, integrity, excellence as well as creativity. The firm strives to meet its client's expectations and deliver practical legal solutions premised on these core values which drive the synergy of its legal team. This has earned the firm an outstanding reputation and confidence amongst its wide clientele base. \n\nThe firm's client base includes a wide spectrum of corporates, individuals, businesses and industries, Governmental Organizations and State Corporations as well as Non-Governmental Organizations broadly comprising: \n- Governmental Agencies\n- Foreign Embassies and Missions \n- State Corporations and Parastatals \n- Kenyan and International Banks \n- Financial Institutions \n- Insurance Companies \n- Multinational & International Corporations with interests in oil \n as well as the energy sector, cement manufacturing, real estate \n development, hotels and the hospitality industry, aircraft \n leasing, finance, sport ventures as well as shipping & related \n logistics business. \n- Businesses related to tourism sector \n- Private and Public companies in the manufacturing and business \n sectors \n- Property and real estate developers and managers \n- Commodity Trading and finance \n\n\nSTATEMENT OF PRACTICE \n\nA. B. Patel & Patel's main areas of practice essentially fall under the Commercial & Conveyancing and the Dispute Resolution & Litigation Departments, each of which is led by a highly experienced partner. All Advocates keenly keep abreast with all the latest developments and changes in the law and the Partners of the firm have often been invited to contribute at seminars and workshops organized by various local and international bodies including the Law Society of Kenya, London Court of International Arbitration, various social and community organizations as well as the firm's corporate clients. \n\nCOMMERCIAL & CONVEYANCING PRACTICE \n\nAt A.B. Patel & Patel, we advise both public and private sector clients on doing business in Kenya as well as on correlated matters including trade and project finance, debt syndicated loan arrangements and facilities, restructuring, as well protecting business interests through proper security documentation. The firm also advises on and has in the past undertaken various matters on local as well regional mergers, takeovers and acquisition projects with the requisite due diligence and documentation involved in such projects. The Commercial Practice of the firm also includes drafting, advising on and settling of commercial and trade agreements, joint venture agreements and partnership agreements and structures.\n\nSome of the projects that A.B. Patel & Patel Advocates have been involved with include:- \n\n~ Advising on the setting up of the 1st world class golfing and \n residential resort on the Kenyan Coast, the Vipingo Ridge Golf Resort. \n The brief included advising on the acquisition of land, setting up of \n all relevant commercial structures, settling all the initial \n documentations including joint venture agreements and structures \n followed by advising on an settling the sales documentation, \n development and home owner's rules and regulations as well as the golf \n club membership rules. \n~ Advising on and dealing with all aspects relating to the development, \n management structures, sales and leasing of apartments, commercial \n areas, marina and boating centre at the Premier and only Marina \n development on the Kenyan Coast, the English Point Marina.\n~ Advising on the setting up a multinational trading house for a \n consortium of oil dealers based in Kenya and across the East African \n region which included dealing with and settling the joint venture and \n shareholders agreements and advising on and setting up of the corporate \n structures.\n~ Advising on and drawing and setting up of hospitality and procurement \n agreements between several oil companies across the East African \n borders. \n~ Advising on several transactions relating to the aviation market \n segment.\n\nIn addition to this, the firm has, through its Commercial practice, provided a wide and comprehensive range of legal services in or relating to:-\n\n- Banking\n- Corporate structures and incorporations of limited companies and \n foreign registered company. \n- Mergers takeovers and acquisitions\n- Commercial shipping and aircraft documentation\n- Intellectual property \n- Labour and Employment matters\n\nIn its conveyancing practice, the firm undertakes a wide range of legal services from residential transactions to transactions involving multi-residential/commercial developments including the transfer of properties and creation of leases. \n\nThe firm also undertakes Family matters including those related to the administration of estates as well as wills and trusts. \n\nDISPUTE RESOLUTION & LITIGATION \n\nA.B Patel & Patel has a well-established and highly regarded dispute resolution and litigation department which advises on a full range of commercial disputes including shipping, marine, construction and trade disputes. In addition to this, the firm has undertaken diverse litigation involving Administrative, Constitutional and Election Laws. The firm's team has comprehensive knowledge and legal expertise in all these specialist areas and has successfully represented clients in the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court of Kenya as well as in Arbitration and before Dispute Adjudication Boards in complex construction, real property, trade & commercial disputes as well as Election dispute resolution matters. Some of the key matters that the firm has undertaken and been involved in include:\n\n- Advising and acting on behalf several international P & I Clubs as well \n as ship owners on ship arrests and claims for ownership, mortgagee's \n claims, crew claims, protection of cargo interests under charter \n parties and bills of lading contracts, demurrage claims, general \n average claims and wages claims by providing comprehensive and \n specialist advice that is practical, clear, concise and reliable. Often \n this has culminated in acting and advising on the appraisal and sale of \n vessels, undertaking and defending litigation involving marine \n insurance claims on behalf of ship owners, charterers and interests \n through P&I Clubs, enforcing or defending salvage, towage and pollution \n claims. Recently, the firm successfully represented an international \n ship owner, on the first ever case General Average Claim to obtain \n contribution arising out of a piracy incident – the last recorded \n claim in the world arising out of such incident having been reported in \n the late 1700's.\n- Advising and enforcing recoveries on behalf of banks and other \n commercial institutions from mortgagors and guarantors pursuant to the \n security offered to secure the lending. Often, this has involved \n successfully defending and action by borrowers and/or guarantors \n seeking injunctions to prevent auction sales by financiers.\n- Advising on and acting in matters involving shareholder disputes, \n receiverships and winding up of companies including fraudulent attempts \n to dilute shareholder interest and defeat entitlements.\n- Advising and acting in matters involving Administrative law culminating \n in Judicial Review and Constitutional before the courts seeking redress \n against various infringements including wrongful tax demands by the \n state. \n- Advising on and acting in claims arising out of tortious acts including \n claims arising out of negligence, defamation, fraud as well as in \n detinue.\n- Advising on enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards.\n- Acting in and advising on employment and pension disputes.\n- Acting in matters involving family matters and disputes arising out of \n administration of Estates of deceased persons involving intermeddling \n with the estate.\n- Public Procurement Complaints, Review & Appeals Board on matters \n arising out of award of tenders by Government entities.\n- The firm has successfully been involved in and advised on complex and \n quite often highly charged matters arising out of Election disputes. It \n was part of the team that ably and successfully represented the \n Country's electoral body that was constitutionally mandated to carry \n out the first elections in Kenya under the devolved system in the \n disputed 2013 presidential elections as well as several other matters \n arising out of gubernatorial and parliamentary elections with an \n impeccable record of having been fully successful in all the matters \n handled many of which were hotly contested right up to the Supreme \n Court. \n\nOUR TEAM\n\nThe firm currently has three partners and a senior consultant with qualifications both in Kenya and the United Kingdom as well as a good number of locally qualified legal assistants and an excellent team of support staff who are all part of the integral team that allow us to provide our clients with practical and commercial solutions in domestic, cross border as well as international advisory matters. The team presently comprises:\n\nVIKRAM C. KANJI holds a bachelor of law degree from the University of Wales was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 1993. In 1995, he was admitted to the Roll of Advocates of the High Court of Kenya. He is a Certified Public Secretary and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries Kenya as well as a Member of both the Law Society of Kenya and the Law Society of England and Wales. He is one of the leading commercial and corporate lawyers in the country having advised clients not only locally but also with the region and internationally. His clients value his years of commercial and conveyancing experience and his skill and expertise in drafting agreements and instruments in the oil, manufacturing and trading sectors. \n\nLanguages: English, Gujarati and Kiswahili \n\nPractice Areas: Banking, Company Law, Commercial and Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trusts, Conveyancing, Property, Securities, Trade Marks, Wills. \n\nAppointments:\nMember of the Law Reform & Conveyancing Committee of the Law Society of Kenya 2005 - 2010. \nChairman of Mombasa Lohana Community (2008¬ - 2010), \nTrustee of Mombasa and Coast Tourist Association (2009), \nDirector of Bank of Baroda (K) Limited. \n\n\nSANJEEV KHAGRAM holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London and was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 1995. In 1997, he was admitted to the Roll of Advocates of the High Court of Kenya. He is a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales, Law Society of Kenya and the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Kenya and is a certified mediator. He has almost 20 years experience in commercial litigation involving commercial & trade disputes, marine & shipping claims, tax litigation, construction & real estate litigation and arbitration. He is highly regarded by clients for his skilled and practical approach to commercial and trade disputes and his years of litigation experience and significant expertise particularly in commercial, construction and marine disputes. \n \nLanguages: English, Hindi, Gujarati and Kiswahili\n\nPractice Areas:\nCivil litigation and dispute resolution, Commercial & Corporate Law, Construction Law, Banking, Admiralty and Maritime Litigation, Securities, Contracts, Real Estate, Insurance, Probate and Public Procurement.\n\nAppointments: \nMember of the Law Society of Kenya Mombasa Branch 2007, \nCommittee Member of Coast Amateur Swimming Association, Kenya. \n\nFAIYAZ ANJARWALLA holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London and was admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales in 1995. In 1998, he was admitted to the Roll of Advocates of the High Court of Kenya. He is a Certified Public Secretary and a Member of the Law Society of England and Wales, Law Society of Kenya and the Institute of Certified Public Secretaries Kenya. He has almost 20 years experience in litigation as well as general commercial matters. He is regarded by clients for his practical approach to commercial transactions and his years of litigation experience. \n \nLanguages: English, Hindi, Gujarati and Kiswahili\n\nPractice Areas: Banking, Company Law, Commercial & Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Trusts, Conveyancing, Property, Securities, Trade Marks, Wills. \n\nSUHASINI GUDKA (MRS.) is a B.A. and LL.B holder from the Bombay University and was called to the Bar as a Barrister at Law Grays Inn England. In 1971, she was admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. She is a member of the Law Society of Kenya. After over 40 years experience in practice as a commercial litigator, she is now a consultant in the firm and continues to play an important role in the firm. \n\nLanguages: English, Gujarati, Kiswahili and Hindi \n\nPractice Areas: Civil and Commercial Litigation, Admiralty and Maritime, Intellectual Property, Family Law, Probate. \n\nAppointments: \nMember Law Society of Kenya Committee on Advertising charged with reviewing the current restriction on advertising and preparing legal frame work for permitting advertising. \nContributory to the Kenya Chapter to International Hand Book on Trade Marks World Law and Practice by John R. Olson and Spyros M. Maniatis


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